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Seeing a provider 101: things you need know before contacting a companion

We've all heard horror stories of a bad experience with an escort or a client. What many don't realize is how just a few simple steps can almost certainly eliminate that possibility. Just like painting wood (gentlemen) or applying makeup (ladies), it's all about the prep work. Think of your dates. Weren't the better encounters those for which you established a foundation of back and forth texting etc.?

The next part of this post will mostly be a copy and paste job, with permission from the original author, a witty gentleman with a twitter handle @JamesHubert314 . I stumbled upon his post and simply could not say it better.

Seeing a provider 101:

1. Read the ad/website thoroughly. Don’t ask questions until you have reviewed everything. This wastes their time and starts you off on the wrong foot.

For most established providers, this is a dead giveaway that you're about to commit cardinal sins 2-8 and they will most likely not bother responding.

2. Pay the deposit and don’t negotiate rates. If it’s more than you’re willing to pay graciously move on

It should also go without saying that you need to check companions' rates on their website, prior to asking if she's available and other questions—only to realize that it is not what you're willing to pay. Life is about efficiency. Apply it to your and others' time.

3. Don’t discuss intimate details via text/email.

No acronyms, no innuendos, no nothing. Period.

4. Screen them. Let them screen you. This builds trust on both sides allowing all parties to feel safe.

No, an escort will not stalk you at work or call your wife. That's reserved for the crazy ex or that girl you met at a bar, had a fun time with, and hoped she'll go away—you do indeed get what you pay for. Providers screen for two reasons: 1. to make sure you're safe 2. to make sure there is no law enforcement involvement. If an escort does not throughly screen you, you may after all be dealing with one that has stalking tendencies, other undesirable traits, or is a hot police officer. This is also where your story about seeing photos of a blonde and having an african american female show up (a real text message from an inquiring male) does not hold any value. It is your job to do your own research. A respected companion will have her own site and an established social media presence (twitter, switter, instagram, facebook). This is her current career and she will not risk her reputation, no matter how important your job title may be.

5. Shower. Practice good hygiene. Be as clean as you’d like your provider to be. Or cleaner...

I really don't want to comment on this one...Well, I will say this: if she tells you there is a shower with clean towels for your convenience, don't tell her you showered already that morning/afternoon/lunchtime. Read the cues.

6. Respect boundaries

No means no (think #metoo movement).

7. Leave a tip in the envelope. It encourages future visits and will help repay for any faux pas you may have committed.

8. Never leave a review on a board. That’s for animals with insecurities and law enforcement.

Words cannot express my gratitude for not being around during TER days. Don't ever admit to having been an active participant of the review board. Don't ever use it as a reference (happened more than once). Not only does it reflect poorly on you (re-read @JamesHubert314 's #8), if she has not blocked you yet, a provider will think you're either a complete dummy or a lier—the site has been shut down FYI.

9. Book your next rendezvous!

If you follow these steps, or more importantly if you've read them and though it's all obvious, common sense, both you and your chosen provider will have a wonderful time. If you're a good match, you are likely to develop amazing lasting friendships.

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