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How to find an escort: Review of Eros Chicago

Eros Website Chicago Escorts Layout
Eros Website Chicago Escorts

When it comes to finding an escort, a variety of online options are available, but one dominates the market: Eros. When looking for an escort in Chicago and most other U.S. cities, Eros tends to be at the top of search results. Having been around the around the longest, it is one of the most well known advertising websites for escorts in Chicago, yet one that providers like the least.


Similar to other websites like Slixa and tryst, Eros allows users to search by city. The results can be further narrowed by specific physical characteristics and services. It is free to potential clients to search, escorts pay to advertise. At the top of the page you’ll find the Diamond Escorts, the most expensive weekly placement and one reserved for two escorts at a time. Below that will be the Girl of the Day category, for which as the name implies, escorts pay a daily fee. This is followed by the Platinum Girls, a placement approximately $200/week cheaper than the Diamond category, and then the rest of the escorts that did not pay anything in addition to the base monthly rate for that week. In the profile, you’ll get to see the companions’ photos, a maximum of 8 allowed by Eros, a short biography, who she sees (men, women, couples) and physical measurements. Eros does not allow the escorts to list their personal websites, but social media links are permitted. The social media page, usually twitter, is where you may find a provider’s website.

Eros website Diamond Escorts Chicago
Eros Diamond Escorts Chicago

Eros Platinum Escorts Chicago
Eros Platinum Escorts Chicago

How It Works

To advertise on Eros, an escort must submit a picture of herself holding an ID or Driver’s License—the date of birth and other information visible. This must be accompanied by photographs used on the site without the face cropped or blurred. To have an “Eros Verified” banner in her profile, an additional picture holding a piece of paper that with Eros and the date written on it must be sent in. This should appease the concerns often brought up of “fake” Eros profiles.

The Good and The Bad of Eros

The best thing about Eros currently is the fact that it has the highest traffic, therefore allowing many providers to match with potential clients. It is easy for clients to use, search, and get contact information on a computer and mobile device alike. The bad, comes from complaints on the side of escorts. Eros is the most expensive to advertise on with customer service is nearly non-existent. New ambiguous guidelines on photographs result in delays in the advertisement being put up, without any refunds. After paying for an ad, a provider receives an email a day or two later stating that a. some of the biography content is against policy or b. one or more of the photographs is against policy. As of today, nobody yet knows what those policies are and rejected photographs consist of anything from a partially nude to fully clothed model. Within the same city, another escort with more or less provocative images may have them accepted. In many situations, a $400 payment for a 7 day top level advertisement placement may never be up on the site as the provider goes back and forth with emails, awaiting responses from site administrators. Whether that takes 2 or 7 days, the escort is not reimbursed. Another area of concern is a raid by the FBI of the eros headquarters last year. Many speculate that it’s just a matter of time before Eros will be shut down as has been the case with other popular websites.

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